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Friday, December 30, 2011

So...another year's over and what have we done? (John Lennon)

Well, I have learned that stitchers are a wonderful and loving group that probably has no problem answering this question. Many have stitched for charities and other groups, spending hours of their time to create tokens that remind those in need that they are not alone or forgotten. Their work has translated into money that will be used to save a life or inspire hope. Some have mentored children and taught them the joy of stitching thereby building confidence. Others have shared their stashes with people that haven't the funds to pay rent,  much less build a hobby. Others have crossed cultural divides to share a common passion, thereby building bridges.

All in all, stitchers are a generous lot, inclined to sharing and thoughtfulness. And, to quote John Lennon again, "imagine all the people living life in" stitches!!! It would be a grand world, I think. At the very least, it would keep the maladjusted busy!

Wishing all a New Year filled not just with stitching, and stash enhancements but also with continued gererosity and giving...creating a better world, stitch by stitch.