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Welcome to my blog. The main focus of this blog is to share my explorations into handmade goods, mostly of the needlework kind. My interests are varied and include reading fantasy and urban paranormal romance, cross stitching and keeping hamsters. I must inform you that all of the pics and text on this blog are copyright protected unless otherwise stated and are not to be used in any other written or pictorial form without written permission from me. I give credit to the creator of the chart or the publication that published them in the caption. If you feel I have infringed on a copyright, please contact me ASAP. Whew..OK, now on to the fun...Thank you and Welcome.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Long Overdue update with pics!

Hi all, finally, I am able to update as I have misplaced my camera but was able to borrow one for this update. Below is a pic of a UFO that I had started a few years ago. I am working on UFOs on Tuesdays and this is really, really working for me. I had only laid about 7 stitches when I decided that I did not like working on the linen. Well, I managed to overcome my dislike and was able to put a good dent into it.  This piece is mostly beaded and it's very difficult to place the needle when the holes are covered by beads, but I am persevering! and let's not discuss that crazy loop fringe edging...Mama mia!

 Below is a pic of the needle keep that I am making for the TGOS Group challenge. I will be adding my initials to the back and finishing into a little scissors fob. I have several scissors (one for almost each project in my rotation) so this will come in handy. I am not sure that I like the satin hearts. I've never made one before and believe that my tension is too loose. HINT: when making satin anything, make sure you've got sufficient thread for the entire thing as starting a new piece of thread will wreck the tension and hence, the look. I used a lovely piece of pink fabric from Polstitches...I just love their dyeing results.

 And finally, below is one of my planned starts for 2012, another scissor fob from the Shepherd's Bush. The design is called "Sweet Stitches" - an apt name, wouldn't you agree? I substituted the called-for rice stitches with eyelets, just to break it up a little bit. I like it a lot!

 I am thoroughly enjoying the making of these smalls. It will be very hard for me to get back to my samplers and other large projects!

Hope everyone is having a fab stitchy time!

Hugs Christina

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grilling in the Sunshine and digital readers

Well, I've misplaced my camera, so no pics until I find it. So sorry. I do love sharing pics of my work. Despite the lack of pics, I did not want to put off updating the blog any longer. Today I wanted to write about my lovely weekend with my girls. On Saturday we had pizza on Main Street and went window shopping. I only had naked chicken wings....but that's OK. Main Street is filled with quaint little shops that sell hand-made goods and fancy shoes and purses (hence the window shopping only). My girls enjoy trying the high-heels on and then walking around. Too cute! After that, we went to the movies and saw Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. I just loved it and my girls enjoyed it very much. Just perfect for kids their age (9 and 10). No gratuitous violence and it was perfectly charming. And of course, Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) is still absolutely delicious to look at!

Sunday was so perfectly wonderful here in Miami. The heat and humidity gave way to breezy cool temps (light sweater temperatures)....just perfect for grilling. We grilled hamburgers and steaks and had homemade broccoli salad. This broccoli salad is refreshing and full of nice Mediterranean-style flavors: raw broccoli tops, sliced black olives, slivered roasted peppers (yellow and red to contrast with the green of the broccoli), slivered salami or pepperoni, chick peas, roasted eggplant and feta cheese, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste...yummmyyy!!!  My hamburgers were topped with melted mozarella cheese, fresh basil and a dollop of spaghetti sauce...yauza!! Wrap it all up with a refreshing glass of Peroni beer. It can't get much better than that, siree. Well, having Dwayne Johnson serve the food and clean up afterwards (shirtless) might have improved things a bit..

Now, onto the topic of iREaders. I don't have one because the books I read are usually not available in a downloadable version. Also, books are potentially longer lasting than 0-1 coding that needs a computer to translate it. Remember the movie "The Book of Eli"? Yes, books will bring back the world from the edge of post-cataclismic annihilism....sorry, I digress.  I prefer to hold books in my hand, here's why:

Things you can't do with an iReader/iPad/iWhathaveyou

1. you can't use the extra blank pages in the back to jot down phone numbers for things you want to buy from the TV
2. iPad doesn't stay open nicely on your tummy when you fall asleep and it will break if you drop it on the tiled floor
3. you can't write notes to the next reader in the margins
4. Can't throw an iPad at the kids when they start fighting (well, I suppose you could, but that could get expensive)
5. you can't put a book plate in an iReader  and use fancy calligraphy to write your name in the "this book belongs to" section
6. You can't buy a first edition iPad and dream about what it might be worth
7. You can't write a gift note on the inside of an iPad
8. You can't tell how much more you have left to read just by looking at an iPad
9. You can't keep an iPad for decades, knowing that you will share the iPad with your kids, and perhaps your grandchildren

Ok, so I sound like a romantic at best and a curmudgeon at worst....but I just love me a book. Especially an old one with yellowing pages and splitting binding...and the wonderful old smell of mustiness...fabulous... I do think that at some point I will invest in some sort of electronic digital reader but for right now...books are working for me.

Anyone else make the switch?

Well, that's it for me. Wish me luck as my hunt for the camera continues! Thanks for visiting!