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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First SFS 2015 Challenge Update!

Hello stitchy friends and Happy New Year,

I managed to get into the challenge this year and am grateful. Last year I saved beaucoup dinero with this challenge and hope to do the same this year. As importantly though is the opportunity to actually finish some things that I have kitted up from my stash. My plan for this year is to also work on some my pre-finished items, so I have spent time going thru my stash and figuring out which designs are going on what.

Alright so for January, I have spent $0. Good start, ha, ha.

On a separate note, I am entering a heart ornament into the The Stitcher's Village competition for St. Valentine's Day. The heart also counts as my first finish of the year as well as my first finish from stash.

The heart was inspired by Threadwork Primitives Cinnamon Heart. I deleted the words "keep a gentle heart", and deleted and moved some motives around to make it fit. This is my first heart-shaped finish. It was challenging but I think it turned out nice. 

Fabric: Polstitches - Marbled Rose.
Threads: Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe - purple with pink from the 1795 collection. I won five skeins of different colors a while ago.
Pattern: Threadwork Primitives "Cinnamon Heart" with changes.

Well, that's it folks. Hope everyone has gotten a good start their new year. 

Leave a message, its appreciated!

Hugs, Christina