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Welcome to my blog. The main focus of this blog is to share my explorations into handmade goods, mostly of the needlework kind. My interests are varied and include reading fantasy and urban paranormal romance, cross stitching and keeping hamsters. I must inform you that all of the pics and text on this blog are copyright protected unless otherwise stated and are not to be used in any other written or pictorial form without written permission from me. I give credit to the creator of the chart or the publication that published them in the caption. If you feel I have infringed on a copyright, please contact me ASAP. Whew..OK, now on to the fun...Thank you and Welcome.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Stitching update and SFS2014 for February

Hello fellow stitchers, I have completed Sunflower Fariy using Vickie Clayton's HDF. Am really surprised it turned out as well as it did. I was stitching this for my SFS2014 January Challenge. Pic below: I would have more pics but I somehow managed to delete 250 pics from my husbands phone while trying to make room for more pics of my stitching...and yes, I am in the dog house. Praying and hoping that a friend of mine that works in IT can recover some of the files.

The I also substituted with beads that I had on hand which worked out perfectly. I added yellow beads around the hem because the pattern only called for the orange ones but it seemed off balance. I didn't have the Kreinik I need either but I think the colors I used on her wings worked out perfectly. Wish I could show you more but like I said, I lost everything and just don't have the heart to try for another pic. (Spent the whole night crying last night due to this.)

Above is my project from my Stitch from Stash Challenge. Its a Scissor Pocket from Mill Hill. Easy enough to stitch but it's adorned with a beaded fringe and the necklace part is also all beaded and suspect that this will take uninterrupted to time to finish. Let's see how this works. 

SFS 2014 Month of February:
Mill Hill Plum Opal Sampler Scissor pocke. I have had this kit for years, maybe like 6 years!  (if I finish this quickly, I will work on Adelaide Alessandra's Major Tree - more later if and when I actually start it. =)
$ spent: 0 so far, will update if I have spent anything else.

Anyway, that's it for me.  Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy this winter season...oh, and safe too!