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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stitching From Stash 2014 Update

Well hello there! Hope everyone's been having a great summer. Me, not so much, work is starting to take its toll and I am really tired of heavy handed government oversight in health care. Scary part is that they are not overseeing the providers and the issues that they should but are running around chasing ghosts in the machine...have no idea what I am talking about? Good, cause if I explained myself you might just hurt yourself.

All rightie then on to the my update. I have no pics cause work has been grueling and have had company over the week'll just have to take my word for it that I finished Sharon Pope's The Pedigree of Honey. It turned out lovely with the little bee charms all around the skep. I have started a Christmas themed design from one of the magazines, don't recall which one right now, but it has a tall pine tree with red hearts as decorations and it says something to the effect of "May the warmth and cheer of Christmas grant you peace" or something like that. I had a lovely hand-dyed Molina from Silkweaver's that I bought last year and it was perfect for it.

I did purchase three old magazines from Shelley, a buddy from a yahoo group, that was de-stashing. I love the magazines as I get much pleasure from reading them and flipping thru them for years to come. I also purchased a tiny little needlepoint kit from her that I have already started.

So for July, I spent $5.00! yahoo!

Past expenditures as follows:

Jan $0
February $0
March $4
April $9
May $0
June $17.25

That's it folks. Hopefully, my life will settle down a bit, maybe when school starts next month?

Happy stitching to all!