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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feeling Crappy

Ever been so sick you have no control over anything at all? Not what you eat or where you go? That's a great feeling isn't it? If you have lived this long and have not been that ill, consider yourself blessed and beloved by the great Divinity. If not and have managed to survive, then you are blessed as well, if perhaps not in the same porportion as the first group. I am currently recovering from an acute bout of an illness that has left me more conscious of just how well I really am. That's right, of how well I am. All the bits are there (if not in perfect working order), and I don't suffer from debilitating pain and my wits are fine (or so the voices in my head insist). This illness was accompanied by extreme pain...the only relief coming from strong narcotics that left me practically unconscious - oh the lovely (albeit temporary) reprieve that is found in the abyss. It is humbling to be ill, but also empowering...I tend to feel angry when ill, wanting to strike back and get well quick and not be sick again, ever.

I suspect that Adolf Hitler or the like, would not have suffered from delusions of grandeur if he had been subject to KIDNEY STONES!!!!