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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hamster Babies

Hello everyone,

Wanted to share a picture of the hamster babies. It's been a fascinating thing to watch them mature. At about day 14, some of the babies were noted to be eating hamster food that She-ra had brought to their nest. At about day 17, they were all eating solid food and She-ra had been decreasing their nursing time. This is also the day that they started opening their eyes for any length of time. Fortunately, when I took this picture today (day 18) they were not yet fully weaned and I managed to snap this pic of the little family nursing. Very cute. There are 5 babies and one of babies is rather a go-getter. It runs around looking for food and things to climb, careless of its siblings that may be underfoot. There is one that is the opposite, more of a runt. Its the smallest and most likely to cry out to its dam for a bit of nursing - its also unlikely to run around the cage, preferring to eat whatever is laying in its vicinity within VERY easy reach.  I didn't think it would make it, but it did...the squeeky hamster gets the nurturing?

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