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Welcome to my blog. The main focus of this blog is to share my explorations into handmade goods, mostly of the needlework kind. My interests are varied and include reading fantasy and urban paranormal romance, cross stitching and keeping hamsters. I must inform you that all of the pics and text on this blog are copyright protected unless otherwise stated and are not to be used in any other written or pictorial form without written permission from me. I give credit to the creator of the chart or the publication that published them in the caption. If you feel I have infringed on a copyright, please contact me ASAP. Whew..OK, now on to the fun...Thank you and Welcome.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A day with my sister....

 Hope every one has had a good weekend so far. I spent Saturday with my daughters and sister. My sister wanted to go to Joann's craft shop...always such a temptation to spend money I haven't got. Well, we  purchased some card stock and lovely stickers and I got to thinking that I could fold the cards and turn them into needle keepers. Below are pics of the decorated cards. I am not done with them as I will place felt on the inside to hold the needles. I think I will share these during my future "give-away" contest. I used papers from K&C Company (at 30%!).

We also went to the Barnes & Noble where I purchased this Cross Stitch Desk Calendar at 50% off. This calendar offers about 180 patterns. The patterns are neat but there is one page for three days so its a bit odd. I am used to these calendars having a page for each of the week (except for Saturday and Sunday). Overall, I like the collection of this years patterns very much. And, at $7.50 for the whole thing, a pretty neat purchase.

We had lunch at a Pan Asian cafe and ate sushi and curry coconut soup...yummy! I exhibited great discipline and had no-rice sushi and sashimi.

We then ran to the Cracker Barrel where I saw these adorable little bird-shaped salt and pepper shakers. At 99 cents a piece, I could not pass up.

I bought three sets for gifting....too cute.

A lovely time was had by all, but especially me, because my girls were able to spend time with their aunt that loves them very much. My own aunt lived thousands of miles away and we visited rarely, and when we did the visits were brief. I had a warm heart all day just watching them interact and chat.

Well, that's it for today. Happy stitching to all! Hugs - Chris G

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