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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Biscornu Finish

Hay y'all,

I have been away on business, traveling thru South Carolina. It's a lovely state filled with warm and friendly people. The saddest thing about my travels last week was learning that so many of the cross stitch shops have closed over the years. I remember the first time I went to South Carolina I visited 5 cross stitch shops in one week (I drove all over the state). During this most recent visit, I should have been able to visit 3 shops but found two closed and the other had very limited hours. I suspect that the on-line shops have put a dent into the LNSs.

Below are pics of my latest biscornu finish. There were several firsts for me with this one, namely the Rhodes hearts (very easy, by the way) and the pulled thread work around the edges (not so easy). I was stumped on how to end and begin a thread on the hem stitching and couldn't  figure out where to cut the piece out from the fabric after it was stitched. I had all these little bits of thread hanging around and snipped them all but how in the world with the stitches stay locked in place? 

I had much fun stitching this even though I've made some errors in the edging (some of the blocks have 4 threads and some had 5).

This design came out of the March Issue, 2012, of Cross Stitch and Needlework.  Nach bhfuil sé deas? (Isn't it pretty?)

That's it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful new week! Hugs, Christina

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