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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash Update

Hello stitchy friends,

I know I owe you a few pics so here they go.  Below are pics of the Prairie Schooler ornies. I haven't decided how to finish these and maybe I won't. Those of you that know me probably have already identified a trend of mine...I don't finish smalls or ornies!

 I used the Sulky Petites for these except for the brown in the design - that was DMC. you might be able to zoom in, I couldn't, and see the coverage of the Petites is pretty much the same as the DmC 2 strands. Hmmm..I just notice the bird is missing a toe!

 I did do some enahncement to my patterns collection but still within m $25 limit. The above was "on sale" at the Hobb Lobb for $7.17.  I like these minis because other ornaments are just getting too big for my tree. I need little ones now to fill in the gaps. I am going to finish these simpl with felt background.

I also ordered these old Just Cross Stitch magazines from someone that was getting rid of her stash.  Magazines...also a weakness of mine. I got these for $3 a piece and there were actually three but I can't find the other one, lol!

So I spent about $16.00 this month on Stash enhancements....but at least didn't bu any more fabric or floss!

Breakdown so far this year:
Jan $0
February $0
March $4
April $9
May $0
June $17.25

July $ 7
Aug $20


  1. What cute finishes!
    I think I fall into the same category of not finishing...unfortunately.

    1. Thanks Faith! I really do start out intending to make them into ornies but I so don't like that part of it!

  2. The finishes are cute! I love your stitching. I recently realized I'd made a.small oops on my graddaughter's. Birth announcement, but that oops as well as the foot of your bird is an easy fix. Have a great day!

  3. Your ornies are cute. You really should finish them, you know. ;-)