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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July SFS-2015 part B

Hi all,

Haven't done any stitchng this month. I am focusing on learning to knit  with real knitting needles - as opposed to a loom. I must admit that knitting on needles is easier than using a loom.  

Anyway, here is my break down for JULY SFS.

July - $ 0.97 spent.  I am working on stitching up some of my prefinished items and I found an old cotton towel in my stash so I purchased an embroiderie stamped pattern for it. Pics when I start it. I am still thinking about colors and what stitch to use for the outline.  I don't embroider so this is a new one for me. I guess this is the summer of learning new skills! 

Question: I don't use a hoop for cross stitching however, should I use one for embroidering on this towel? The fabric is very soft and drapey.

PRIZE WINNER! Below is a pic of the prize I won for May's SFS 2015-A challenge. The potential for this design is great. I love bands for decorating all sorts of things and am sure I will put these designs to good use.

This is "Ye Olde Sampler Bag" by Rosewood Manor. One of my favourite designers.
Thank you Mel and those lovely ladies that offer the prizes. This challenge wouldn't be any fun without the prizes! 

Thank you for visiting and hope everyone is having a good summer and staying cool. We are having airconditioning issues = (  You know what that means, cranky people in the house acting like they are the only ones with sweaty underwear!!


  1. What a lovely prize! Congrats!
    Always great to learn new skills!

  2. What a lovely prize. Just an FYI--your link from the SFS page didn't go directly to this post. I had to look for it.

  3. Hmm..I think its too late to fix it but thanks for the heads up. and thank you for visiting.

  4. I use a hoop for embroidery but it's all personal taste, see how you get on with and without. I go in fits and starts with knitting, made a sweater for myself last year but the matching scarf is still only half done as I'm back into my stitching.

    1. I tried without the hoop and stitches seem a bit loose - veering towards the left, if that makes sense. Will try with a hoop next. Need to cut what I did out as I don't like it.