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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Over due Pictures of WIPs and new "hobby"

Greetings all, finally got my phone to work and upload some very over-due pictures. With no further ado...

My poor little screwed up Acron Needle Book. I started this last year and ran into major issues, as you can see. It was even more wonkier than this and then I ruined it with too much spray glue..yes, yes, I know...

 So this is the acorn cap. Stitched in "knit stitch" and tres adorable.

Outside and In. I have sewed it shut, leaving the ribbon closure out, purely by accident, so am thinking about a snap closure. And I am making another scissor pocket but I put it on so you can see what might look like. I might fiddle with it somemore...I figure I can't ruin it, can I???

Above is my latest knit creation, a cowl. I should have started learning with this but of course, I chose to learn with something more advanced.

To the right is my first knit "lace" pattern. Was this awful to stitch but I did it.

Below is a crochet mini-shawl...the yellow is just  a space holder until I can find my hank of the brown which is somewhere ...

This is a nother knitted shawl or wrap. You can see where my tension changed in the middle. This is what happens when I knit too long.

I am also spinning a bit every day. Below is pic of my yarn. I am still learning how to draft and spin and which hand does what.  Not sure what to do with teacher says to roll it up and keep it on a display as a fond remembrance of my first yarn.

 You might recall that I started work on Elegant Pumpkins a while back...maybe earlier this year, I don't recall, but I have fished it out for more work this year. Below is pic from magazine and my current progress....have a long way to go!!

 A few Mill Hill kits  started last Christmas and to be finished before this one...well, that is my hope! I made a mistake on the snow man so I put this down but now must find a way of working around the error or frogging...decisions, decisions...

Below is progress on my tea towl. Probably won't work on finishing this until next year. I am in Autumn and Christmas mode right now.

And below is a Shephard's Bush sampler. I stopped because I was changing the font on it and then I got distracted with something else...but this is on my to do list...again, probably next year. I added buttons to the hill because the threads didn't come labeled and the greens were very similar that I mixed them up and you can't see the flowers on the hill too good. I also unleashed the lamb and gave the figure a curve on the back.  The figure is holding a posey which is done in French knots. I also did something with the hair, gave her a bun and a neck and thinned out her ankles..whew! Much nicer, in my opinion.

I started this on a whim a few weeks ago and I regret it...I hate AIDA! Will keep my eye out for a suitable piece of linen or evenweave. Its not white Aida, but a very pale aqua blue.

Well, that's it for the pictures for now. I should have a finish on "En Juin" by Grille de Maryse, very soon...yep, any minute now...

Hope everyone is enjoying the seasonal changes which may mean more cozy dark nights for plenty of stitching... Depending on which hemisphere you live in that is.

Christina In Sunny and Rainy Miami


  1. Lots of pictorial updates. You've been busy!

    Weatherwise, the lack of humidity is what I like. It's in the 70's here during the day and upper 40's/50's at night. I'm not liking the shorter days, though.

  2. Hope you finish your acorn soon. Know it has been a thorn in your side all year.
    Pretty knitting and crocheting.
    Love your WIP's. Non cross stitchers must think we are all crazy when we are planning projects months in advance.
    Great update!

    1. Just saw this comment, a bunch popped up on my account today. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I have done nothing with that acron to date!

  3. Nice progress I like your knitting and your cross stitch pieces are looking great! It's great to hear from you again!

  4. Enjoyed your update - I admire anyone who knits because I can't so no bad remarks here! ;-)
    Your wi[s are coming along nicely - I love the colors in the pumpkins.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I don't see an end in sight, yet, for when these will be finished but finished they will be!

  5. Gosh, what a variety of projects, well done!!!! You are very talented!

    Julie in Australia

    1. Thanks Julie...I now have even less time to work on my cross stitching. = )

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting Denise. I certainly hope that the XS will soon be finishes as well!