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Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Deliveries from Polstitches Designs and Maureen in Ayr, Scotland

Greetings to all!
I came home Friday to two packages. One was filled with fabric from Polstitches Designs. I purchased the pink fabric and a grab bag. This grab bag was filled with medium size pieces not one of which was ornament sized. I am very pleased with the grab bag, the bit of pink that I purchased and the delivery. The fabric was neatly packaged...not very neatly cut but I cut them all straight and used Fray Check glue to keep the threads from fraying. Here is the link to the company: The other package was a book that a fellow Yahoo group member sent me, by the name of Maureen. It's filled with lovely designs suitable for embellishing items.

This color is called Cuddles. Its a baby pink with swirls of white showing thru. I will be using this for a neele keep that I am making for my self.

This one is from the grab bag. It's linen and I believe the color is "Marbelled Rose."

This one might be "Fairy Footprints".

I think this is "Shimmering Seas".

This might be "Sniff and Sneeze".

This one might be "Addiction".

And this last one I believe is "Fairy Dreams".

As you can imagine, I have many designs that I can put on these and can't wait to get started! I might be able to put some of the designs from the book on to some of these bits of fabric.

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