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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scrooge in Advertising

I was sitting in my living room, stitching away pleasantly when I looked up during a Best Buy commercial. As I watched, I saw a woman mocking Santa and pretty much just being a bad sport. Apparently, she was feeling very superior because she had "out-done" Santa and had saved a few dollars, too. Not only was she rude but also violent. She felt compelled to actually kick the plastic Santa off of the roof.  Have any of you seen this commercial? It's obnoxious. My 9 year-old says to me, "I know Santa is not real, but why is she being so mean?" I told her it was a horrible commercial and there was no explaining it.

Then there's the luxury car commercial  ( I have no idea which one, maybe Audi - not Lexus tho). In this commercial, an older son comes home for the holidays carrying bags filled with presents and a cheery happy smile on his face, and just as he is coming in the front door, his older parents sneak out of the house and go for a joy-ride in his car, leaving him in the foyer, calling out to them. Really? I don't know about you, but where I am from, one does not leave one's guests in the foyer without saying SOMETHING.

What's with all the nastiness? Of the two, the anti-Santa one is the most disturbing but the second makes absolutely no sense to me.

There a few commercials that I do enjoy, and those are the happy, warm ones that make me feel all tingly inside. The Publix commercials are at the top of my list, of course, and there is the Jared commercial where the little kid dressed as Santa makes a delivery to his mom...too cute!

Have you any commercials that you hate or love at this season? Do share!

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