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Monday, January 23, 2012

Pet Peeve - The Disembodied Greeting

I don't think I have many pet peeves, but time will tell. I am going to share one particular pet peeve. I just hate it when I enter a store and a disembodied voice says "Hello". Sometimes the voice says "Welcome to ____". Many stores are doing this, I can only assume it's in the name of improving customer relations. Frankly, its a annoying, especially since most times, the person is looking down or has walked away and other times it's just mumbled and you can't tell if you were just insulted or not. There is no eye contact and its certainly not personal. I'd prefer to be able to be greeted in the aisles by someone that says. "Hi, finding everything ok?" or how's this, when I go to the cashier, he/she says "Hi, how are you today?" and " Have a great day, come again."  I know all those might be considered tacky, but not as tacky as hearing a voice saying "Hello" and then there not being anyone there. That's just plain creepy.

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