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Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Pet Peeve

My last pet peeve was about disembodied greetings one encounters when walking into some shops. Today's pet peeve is about insurance commercials that try to convince you that they care about you. REALLY...are we so stupid as to believe the drivel put out by these commercials?..."You're in good hands" claims one. Another tells you that their wonderful little umbrella will keep you nice and dry when the rains and flooding come.  Others claim to give you peace of mind...try getting your claim paid by any of these folks, its just arbitrary what they will pay and what they won't. I have a friend who has been paying home insurance for 50 years. She put in one claim on her roof and they refused to pay her the claim cause the roof was older than 10 years...since when is that a criteria? A little old lady like that (she's 92) had to pay for a new roof. She thinks that the insurance was hoping she would die before they paid out the claim but she wouldn't die so then they just refused to pay it.

Sell the product, quote the savings but PUHLEASE don't make it sound like you actually care about me or my loved ones, just stop it already.

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