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Friday, August 24, 2012

Hamster's Passing - Is there a hamster heaven?

Dear Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of a dear individual - our friend, Chubby Dubby.  Chubby Dubby succumbed to what appeared to be some sort of tumor, despite medical intervention.

Chubby Dubby was laid to rest in a very dignified manner yesterday evening (location undisclosed due to the privacy wishes of the family).

The services were well attended by close friends and loved ones. She is survived by her mother, sister, adoptive uncle, aunt and various other siblings, and cousins throughout the world. She will be fondly remembered for constantly running on the exercise wheel at night and keeping everyone awake, her penchant for carrots and her all around good-natured personality.  Although most in attendance could not understand Hamsterish, the faces of those hamsters present spoke clearly enough...her surviving sister's eulogy appeared to be a loving testament to Chubby Dubby's effervescent joie de vie...many a tear were noted. She will be greatly missed as the world has lost an icon of hamsterrificness and is a bit colder today, as a result.

Chubby Dubby's family requests that those that would like to express their condolences do so by contributing generously to one of her favourite charities (via Pay Pal): Hamsters R Peeple 2 at

Thank you and kiss your pets, everyday!!


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